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Read the FAQ from Cota Topcoat Sealing & Paving

Find answers to common questions regarding asphalt pavement and sealing by reading the FAQ provided by Cota Topcoat Sealing & Paving, your pavement professionals in the Okanagan Valley. We believe in educating our customers and helping you make wise decisions about your property. Be sure to read our preventative maintenance tips.

Q: Why do I need to seal coat my lot or driveway?

A: Liquid asphalt sealer penetrates into the asphalt, replenishing the oils that are lost over time with traffic and weather. It also binds together all the fines that start to loosen, extending the life of the asphalt significantly and helping prevent costly repairs that occur when water seeps under the asphalt and compromises the base. It also adds aesthetic value with its rich black colour.

Q: Does it matter which type of sealant I use on my driveway?

A: It ABSOLUTELY matters. There are 2 different types of sealants on the market – Water-based sealant and oil-based sealant. Beware of the water-based sealant. Remember asphalt is oil. Oil and water do not mix. Water-based products (most commonly found at the local hardware store) simply sit on top of the asphalt. Over time, the water in these products evaporates, creating a cracked look which will damage the asphalt if used enough. Liquid asphalt is an oil-based product that is applied by high pressure spray and penetrates into the asphalt, creating a thorough seal.

Q: What should I know about asphalt cracks and why do they form?

A: Asphalt, as well as concrete, will do one thing that is guaranteed; it will crack. Crack filling is by far the most important part of asphalt maintenance. Filling these cracks with a hot pour, rubberized crack filler will prevent water from seeping under the asphalt and compromising the base. It is when the base is compromised that you will run into costly repairs, requiring sections of the asphalt to be cut out and replaced, or worse, having to replace the entire driveway. Cracking is due to continued expanding and contracting of the asphalt/concrete with weather changes. The advantage of asphalt over concrete is that the cracks are usually cheaper and easier to maintain.

Q: When should I have my asphalt surface sealed?

A: Cota Topcoat Sealing & Paving recommends waiting one season before sealing for the first time. This allows the asphalt to fully cure.

Q: If I just had a driveway or lot sealed, how long do I have to stay off it?

A: In many cases, you only need to stay off it 24 hours. However, if you have a shadowed drive, 48 hours would be better. It can also depend on the temperature and time of year. Most customers would like to wait until fall to seal. This is actually not the recommended time. The best time to seal is in the mid-summer when temperatures are up both day and night.

Q: How much does it cost to seal or repair a lot or driveway?

A: There are a lot of variables to consider in each case so the cost will also vary. It depends on items such as the size of your lot, the number of cracks or repairs needed and more. Please contact Cota Topcoat Sealing & Paving for an estimate. It has been proven that properly maintained asphalt will significantly extend the life of your pavem